The Benefit of Hugs

Hugs! Seemingly effortless yet worth the world – they are that source of comfort and affection that we seek from those around us.

Children in particular are prone to feeling the need of physical affection, especially at an early age. Certainly, on a daily basis children seek attention, nurture and love and it is our duty to provide this to them.

The science behind hugs

There have been many recent studies to show the necessity of hugs. As a result  we know there are lifelong benefits in having a good cuddle with your child. Some of which include:

Reduces stress
Induces sleep
Children tend to become more calm as adults
Allows them to feel loved and comforted
Reduces anxiety
Higher Social-Bonding skills
Helps the body’s immune system
Not only do children benefit from the power of hugs, similarly, adults do as well. Next time you are feeling stressed, anxious or upset hug someone.

Hugs can instantly boost oxytocin levels, which therefore can heal feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger.

Children’s experiences in the environment affect all aspects of their being, including the health of their bodies and the curiosity of their minds.

Being able to grow up in a nurturing household and environment that allows children to feel loved, secure and happy is very important to how they become adults.

With so much positivity resulting from hugs, it is a wonder why we don’t hug each other more.

So make sure you take the time to hug your loved ones today…and every day!