Emali Early Learning Centres are a privately owned and operated group of child care centres in South Australia. Our centres provide a safe, caring and home like environment where children are able to feel comfortable and to be themselves. We are committed to providing a high-quality education and care service within a welcoming, inclusive, engaging and safe environment for our children, families and educators.

Setting a new benchmark within the industry Emali Early Learning Centres fosters a Growth Mindset culture across our organisation that encourages the growth and development of all our employees. We value open and honest communication and recognise its importance when working as a team. Educators partner with families to support each child’s learning. We view our educators and management team as positive role models for each other and the children.

Early childhood is a time for play, fun, discovery, curiosity, adventure,  and imagination. We believe that a child learns beneficially through play using a collaborative approach to teaching that follows the children’s interests. Through play-based learning children are able to develop a sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming. We are committed to nurturing and growing the whole child using an evidence-based approach that aligns early years pedagogies with our current understanding of brain development in early childhood. Our focus is to empower children to live, love and learn whilst discovering their place in the world. We believe that children are valuable members of society and we respect and acknowledge each child as an individual learner, valuing them regardless of their culture, demographics or abilities.

“We encourage each child to explore their independence and be stimulated by their surroundings”

The Emali Way

Our vision is to support Australia’s future generations by setting a new benchmark in Education and Care services.

At Emali Early Learning we believe that children are valuable members of society.

We are committed to providing high quality service and care for every child and their family.

We appreciate each child’s uniqueness and are determined to sharpen their abilities to help them contribute to a healthy society.

Here at Emali we are a family, and we welcome you to join us.
Together we will work to educate the most influential people on this earth; young children.

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