Our Values


We ensure each child has a strong sense of well-being. We do this by providing a safe and secure environment. We are responsive to the child's needs; balancing child-led and educator-led learning. We partner with families by promising them to provide their children with a nurturing, safe haven. We also create an inclusive, secure base within our centre environments. We engage in meaningful outreach programs with our vulnerable communities. We give back through our Emali Foundation.


We support the right of each child to develop a strong sense of identity. We do this by recognising that children learn in different ways and their learning journey is individualised and captured through educator narratives. We collaborate in meaningful ways with families ensuring their voice is included as we form a vital part of the child's circle of security. We actively seek out appropriate opportunities to engage in authentic community partnerships, inclusive of our indigenous communities.


We help children to make meaningful contributions and connections to their world. We do this by being agentic and helping the child to build on real world understandings and experiences. We are explicit with our teachings, allowing us to give meaningful and timely feedback to our families, aligning the relationship between the learning purpose and the processes used. We consult with our communities and we ask them to learn with us as we are always striving to be innovative and progressive in our pedagogical approach.


We teach children to become effective communicators. We do this by scaffolding their learning environments with rich language, whilst encouraging their questioning and giving constant and individualised feedback. We seek out opportunities to have meaningful and transparent conversations with our families to ensure they stay informed and feel able to give us feedback at anytime. We find opportunities to expose children to culturally diverse community groups to support each child's emotional and social language development.


We help children to become confident and involved learners. We are playful, encouraging their curiosity as they use the rules of life to make personal connections through their imagination and creativity (play). We build trust and show respect for families values, cultures, and language. We embrace and maintain secure and reciprocal relationships. We provide our children with regular community incursions and excursions. This allows them to connect and relate to their global village.
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