Our Values

Fun (Love/Play)

Children in our care learn, grow and develop by playing, interacting and having fun. Early childhood is a time for play, fun, discovery, adventure, imagination and at Emali Early Learning we believe that learning is most beneficial through play and from a collaborative approach to teaching that follows the children’s interests. We believe that play based learning enables the children to develop a sense of belonging, being and becoming through relationships and social interactions which will in turn help them to achieve key learning outcomes.


Our Team Commitment: Working collaboratively to produce the best results as a team, understanding that everyone’s perspective and contribution adds to the strength of Emali as a whole. Our Family Commitment: We are committed to teamwork, and ongoing professional development to extend our skills and abilities. This ensures our staff are responsive and adaptive to the constantly changing, dynamic field of early childhood education. All staff value and respect one another and the contributions they make to create a cohesive team.


Our Team Commitment: To be inviting, welcoming and effective listeners to employees, families and children allowing them to feel comfortable and creating a sense of belonging. Giving them the tools and resources to succeed. Our Family Commitment: At Emali Early Learning we provide a safe and supportive environment where all children, families and staff feel socially, emotionally and physically safe and valued.


We provide a learning environment where children learn and develop by exploring their world through stimulating and challenging play. We provide experiences for children to play, explore, imagine, experiment, enquire, research, investigate, and make decisions in a resource-rich, fun, natural, sustainable, play-based learning environment. We promote relationships and interactions that are responsive, meaningful, sensitive, supportive and positive. We plan for children’s learning around their interests and their own specific needs, guided by the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework.


Our educators are trained dedicated early childhood professionals, who contribute their own abilities and interests to the program and centre environment. They are polite, effective and respectful in practice and method, demonstrating best practice, good judgement and providing the highest quality service. We recognise that to improve our services, we must reflect upon our past and current practices. We endeavour towards a continuous improvement approach, involving management, educators, families and children to engage in our successes, and in developing goals for the future.


We believe that best outcomes happen for our children, families and educators when a reliable and predictable environment is provided. We recognise the responsibility in ensuring and maintaining current workplace policies and procedures.


We believe respect for each child and their family is paramount. We recognise that the family is the child’s first and most important teacher. Families are viewed as partners, collaborators, and advocates for their children. We embrace, involve and invite families into every aspect of our service. We aim to provide a harmonious environment where opinions and individuals are appreciated. We encourage children, families and educators to act in an ethical, polite, professional and courteous manner at our service.