What to Bring to Emali

What to Bring

On each day that your child attends Emali Early Learning they will need to bring the following:
  • Bag
  • Spare clothes
  • Sunhat – (provided by Emali on Enrolment)
  • Piece of fruit to share
  • Drink Bottle with water only – (provided by Emali on Enrolment)
  • 1 home nappy, if required
  • Milk bottles, if required
  • Comfort items such as dummies, soft toys, blankets etc.
Please make sure that there are no items smaller than a 50cent piece, plastic bags or medicine left in children’s bags.

Personal Belongings

We ask parents to ensure all children’s belongings are clearly labelled. Please do not send children in with toys as they may become broken or misplaced. Children get opportunities to bring in their favourite toys during ‘show and tell’. We encourage parents to send their children with comforters that will assist them with settling in and during transitions.
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