Celebrations at Emali

At times there are special celebrations for your child; birthdays, going to school, or just moving on from the centre, and we enjoy sharing these occasions with your children.


Due to children’s allergies and health and hygiene reasons, it is not possible for families to supply a cake. The centre has developed a process where you can place an order to purchase a cake for $10 and the cook will make a special cake for the child to share with their friends. Each individual room will also do something special so that all children do not feel left out. If you would like the staff to take some happy snaps for this event please feel free to bring your camera in. If you do not want your child to be involved in birthday celebrations then please let the Director know.

Cultural Events

Our program also incorporates numerous cultural and religious events celebrated by children attending our centres and in the wider community. The kinds of activities that are incorporated into the program are: stories, rhymes, music, clothes and foods. These are the things that will help children acknowledge different cultures and religions. Celebrations and events are a great way of bringing people together and we encourage parents to attend any open events held for parents and children, such as multicultural night. Together we can become a supportive community and enjoy many occasions as an Emali family.
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