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Our Philosophy 

We are committed to nurturing and growing the whole child using an evidence-based approach that aligns early years pedagogies with our current understanding of brain development in early childhood. Our centre also boasts unique creative spaces with brand new toys and resources, which will keep your child engaged with a variety of stimulating and engaging activities throughout the day.

Our Centre

Welcome to Emali Learning Centre Underdale, our newest Emali centre.

Our Underdale centre boasts five spacious classrooms that link through to natural well-lit outdoor spaces. With its well-considered green building design, our Underdale centre is a sustainable centre that considers your child’s health along with their developmental needs. The building has special eaves and double glazing to maximise seasonal heat gain and reduce glare. The natural light throughout the centre provides visual comfort whilst your child plays in the space, assisting their ability to absorb information.

In addition, VRV mechanical condenser units allow outside fresh air into the building. This ensures your little one is only breathing in fresh air recirculated from outside, and this process reduces the build-up of indoor pollutants throughout the day. Responsible and sustainable building materials are also seen in our use of marmoleum flooring. This reduces the ability for bacteria to live in the environment important to eliminate the chance of infections. In addition, we use low VOC paints to improve the air quality and health outcomes for your child.

Our Team

Our Educators: Our Educators each bring a wealth of skill and life experience to the centre. Communication between parents and teachers is vital in creating the best learning environment. This is done through the Emali App and through face to face conversations with families to ensure we understand each child’s unique needs.

Our Space: At Emali Early Learning Centre Underdale, our classrooms will display photos and creations that represent the children’s achievements. Our centre is Reggio-inspired where the environment is referred to as free-flowing and promotes exploration. Children can pursue their own interests and build upon their ideas.

Our outdoor spaces provide opportunities to learn through play. Children have access to open ended materials and natural resources that stimulate investigation. This allows children to connect with nature.

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We would love to show you through our amazing and beautiful centre with a guided tour. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Email – [email protected] or connect with us through our Facebook page @emalielc or on Instagram #emalielc. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Meet Our Director


Rachael has been a part of Emali for 8 years and a Director for 6 years. Rachael lives in the Findon community with her partner and their 2 children. Very passionate about sustainability, a lover of OP shopping and working on upcycling projects. You will see Rachael's passion shine through our Findon centre. Believing strongly in the learning opportunities being in the outdoors presents to children, most of her childhood memories are of playing in the sandpit or helping her dad in the garden. Rachael believes that all children need environments where they feel empowered to make choices, share their opinions and take risks.

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