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Our Philosophy 

We are committed to nurturing and growing the whole child using an evidence-based approach that aligns early years pedagogies with our current understanding of brain development in early childhood. Our centre also boasts a unique “creative space” which is used for many different and engaging activities.

Our Centre

Welcome to Emali Learning Centre Underdale. Our centre boasts five amazing classrooms and spacious, true to nature, outdoor spaces. All our staff are highly educated and will provide your child with the best learning experience.

Emali Early Learning Centre Underdale is a well-considered green building design which in turn, creates a more organic and sustainable centre while improving a child’s experience of the space. The eaves and double glazing maximise seasonal heat gain and glare reduction. The natural light throughout the centre not only provides visual comfort, it has also been maximised to assist a child’s ability to absorb information.

In addition, VRV mechanical condenser units allow outside fresh air into the building and when building the centre, the use of indoor pollutants through the use of responsible building materials, such as marmoleum floors and low voc paints were minimised.

Our Team

Our Educators: Our huge team of Educators each bring a wealth of skill and life experience to the centre. Communication between parents and teachers is vital in creating the best learning environment. This is done through the Emali App and through face to face conversations with families. We value each child as unique.

Our Space: At Emali Early Learning Centre Underdale, our classrooms will display photos and creations that represent the children’s achievements. Our centre is Reggio-inspired where the environment is referred to as free-flowing and promotes exploration. Children can pursue their own interests and build upon their ideas.

Our outdoor spaces provide opportunities to learn through play. Children have access to open ended materials and natural resources that stimulate investigation. This allows children to connect with nature.

Our Cook and Cleaner: We will have an amazing cook on site who will ensure the children are provided with delicious and nutritious meals in accordance with our regulatory requirements. We will also have a full-time cleaner who will ensure the centre is maintained in a hygienic and clean manner, adhering to strict centre hygiene policies keeping your child safe and healthy.

Please call to book a tour on (08) 8232 8071

We would love to show you through our amazing and beautiful centre through a guided tour. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Email – [email protected] or connect with us through our Facebook page @emalielc or on Instagram #emalielc. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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