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Our Salisbury Centre consists of three large open space rooms. The environment is prepared in a way that the children can actively make choices as they learn and grow.

The Team

The team at our Salisbury centre are a group of wonderful Educators who are truly passionate about working with children. We work together with our families and communicate frequently via email, our Emali App and parent-teacher interviews.

The centre

Our Cradle Room has a large open space for babies to explore. Offering a multitude of experiences from our educators to foster their development, from sensory play to language experiences, all whilst their need for routine is being met. The Cradle Room has a separate cot room for the babies to rest and sleep soundly. Babies have their own engaging outdoor space, allowing them to confidently and freely explore and play.

The Forest Room allows children to build upon their independence as they begin to further explore and try a variety of new things throughout the day. Children begin to practice serving themselves at meal time with the guidance of educators, as well as a focus on caring for themselves and belongings. Within our Forest Room, a wide variety of activities are available for children, fostering their development and allowing them to freely make choices. Children also have the choice of indoor or outdoor play.

Safari is a beautiful room that is prepared to meet the needs of the children. Activities are available to scaffold the individual child in their learning journey. With a focus on pre-reading and pre-writing skills to assist in the preparation for the next step, school ready. The environment is planned and inviting. The children enjoy caring for our tadpoles and worms.

This centre is equipped with an outdoor play area, which has been specifically created to encourage children to explore the outdoors in a natural environment. Specifically, the vegetable and herb garden is an interactive experience for the Children, in which they care for the garden and then use the produce to assist in the preparation of meals.

Important to note

At Emali we believe in learning through play, with activities at Salisbury including yoga, dance lessons, Auslan (Australian Sign Language) and Spanish lessons (coming in 2019). Allowing children play with loose parts is an important part of our curriculum which is incorporated into the program.

With strong relationships within our community, the children and educators visit local schools, Salisbury Downs and St Augustines, while the school teachers visit our centre and collaborate with our Educators to assist in a smooth transition for our Safari children as they head off to school.

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Meet Our Director


Through her early childhood career, which began over 20 years ago, Tash has had the pleasure of working with children of all ages in various roles. With a passion for child development and a love of observing moments of joy and wonder from children as they learn, Tash believes that guiding children to be the best that they can be and to prepare them for their future is an amazing blessing. With a focus on allowing children to explore and make their own choices, Tash allows children to freely build upon their own interests and learn at a pace that meets their needs. The joy of watching children actively involved in activities of interest and observing as they have the confidence to try new things is what Tash finds the most rewarding.

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