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About Us

Our Emali Early Learning Centre Hectorville consists of four age suitable rooms where appropriate experiences, routines and adventures fill the days. With a passion for upcycling, the centre is filled with beautiful furniture that creates a homely atmosphere from the moment you enter.

Our team

Our dedicated team are warm, caring and have a strong passion for ensuring your child feels safe and cared for during their time together. Our team get to know your child and foster independence and growth at each child’s individual pace. We work together with our families and communicate through frequent communication via email, our Emali App, and parent-teacher interviews.

The centre

Our Cradle, Forest, Ocean and Safari rooms are catered to their age and development level and thrive with child led flexible routines. Each room is filled with an abundance of colour and creativity from the children’s own craft work, which gives the space a warm and nurturing feel.

With an understanding of the positive effects of children caring for pets, our centre is a world of animal experiences. Learning to care for frogs, turtles, budgies, a bearded dragon, many fish, and a rescue rabbit. The children also enjoy regular visits from a beautiful Greyhound Libby, the therapy dog.

This centre is equipped with an outdoor play area, designed to foster exploring, imagination, growth, and the benefits of risk taking. It has been specifically created to encourage children to explore the outdoors in a natural environment.

Important to note

At Emali we believe in learning through play, with activities at Emali Early Learning Centre Hectorville including yoga, Spanish lessons, outdoor gardening classes, cooking classes, water and mud play. Allowing children to be children and learn through independence as ‘real life’ experiences are an important part of our curriculum. 

We strive to build strong relationships with our tight knit community. The children delighted to visit the local library, dentist, nursing home and St Joseph’s primary school. We are also actively involved with Animal Welfare League and raise funds for their important work.

We would love to show you through our beautiful centre. Our passionate and friendly Centre Director will take you through with a guided tour, provide you with all the information you need, and will be able to answer any of your burning questions. Book a tour of Emali Hectorville today!

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