Health at Emali

Health and Hygiene

Maintaining a healthy environment is the responsibility of the staff and parents. In any instance where a child becomes ill at the centre, parents and/or the nominated emergency contact will be notified. Daily, as well as weekly, Health and Hygiene routine checks are conducted by staff which include the cleaning of the centre and sterilising the toys. The strict practices of hygiene that we adhere to allow us to minimise the risk of cross infection.

Administering of Medication

Staff at Emali are all trained to administer medication to the children and to ensure suitable procedures are undertaken during the administration process.

First Aid and Accidents

All staff at Emali have a current First Aid certificate. A fully equipped first aid box is maintained frequently at the centre in a variety of localities. Despite having adequate supervision and monitoring equipment, accidents do happen. If your child has an accident at the centre, staff and management will take every necessary action to provide appropriate first aid measures, record the event leading up to the injury.

Sun Protection

Children at Emali must wear a hat during outdoor play. Sunscreen is provided by the centre and is reapplied at regular intervals throughout the day.
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