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Welcome to Emali Early Learning Centre Littlehampton which is nestled within the tight knit Adelaide Hills community. Our approach is to incorporate our families and local businesses into the lives of our children and to expose them to as many new opportunities as possible, connecting each child to the world around them.

Our team

Our dedicated team are incredibly fun and energetic and consistently endeavour to provide a fun filled day bursting with wonder and awe for your child. Our fixed staffing throughout each of our 5 rooms provides consistency and ensures that our educators form close bonds with your child and in turn are then able to foster interdependence and growth at each child’s individual pace. Our programs are based on children’s observations taken by our educators throughout the week. These are then used to further extend the children’s learning based on their interests.

Our centre comprises of 5 age appropriate rooms in which staff work closely with families in order to meet the individual needs of all children, whilst also providing a safe, secure and fun filled environment. Our spacious rooms are light and homely. Our two Cradle rooms as well as our Forest, Ocean and Safari rooms are catered to both children’s age and developmental readiness. The routines within each of these rooms are largely child led and based on individual children’s learning.

The centre

Here at Emali Early Learning Centre Littlehampton we are passionate about recognising all children as capable and competent individuals and therefore provide every opportunity to further develop and nurture children’s self-help skills. As well as this we are very passionate about our environment and all things living and are lucky enough to have our own miniature farm on site.

Our safari rooms program is child led but also contains teacher-initiated programs which are structured like that of a kindergarten program and are run by our centres Early Childhood Teacher.

Being the largest of the Emali centres, we are lucky enough to have our very own animal barn on site as well as a baby animal nursery which is situated inside the building. Our barn consists of small animals such as chickens, ducks, guinea fowls, rabbits and guinea pigs as well as some larger animals such as goats, sheep and ponies. Our baby nursery is forever changing as we hatch baby chicks or nurture various baby animals who may need a little bit of extra care. Our farmer Katharine is a full-time employee at our centre and works closely with each of our rooms to input individual farm programs, which include caring for our animals and inquiry-based projects.

As we pride ourselves on the outdoors and nature play spaces the children can enjoy our free-range, indoor-outdoor play throughout the day. The double sliding doors which open out onto the natural environments create a sense of wonder as children explore the space as one. Our centre boasts 3 large outdoor spaces, one of which is just for our youngest age group. In this space they can investigate using their senses to explore the natural world around them in an uninterrupted setting.

Important to note

As Littlehampton is a small and tight-knit community we place a large emphasis on building bonds with those whom we share the community with. Currently with the aid of our Emali Adventure Bus, our children make regular visits to the Hahndorf residential home. Additionally, our Emali Littlehampton family have formed a lovely bond with the Littlehampton Marketplace located directly across the road. Our children go on regular walks to our marketplace to help with our weekly food shop and to collect ingredients to create their own delicious treats or beautiful flower arrangements.

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Meet Our Director


Leanne (Centre Director) and Kayla (Assistant Director) hold the same values when it comes to the development of each child as an individual. They value the meaning and purpose behind each experience that is provided and believe each child to be capable and competent in their own learning. As a team of dedicated and passionate educators, we are always reflecting on our practice in order to guide each other’s professional journeys so that we can provide the best environment for every child and their families.

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