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About Us

Welcome to Emali Early Learning Centre Findon. Our centre has five beautiful classrooms and three outdoor spaces. Our staff is friendly and engaging, and provide your child with the best learning experience.

The team

Our team of 31 Educators each bring a wealth of skill and life experience to the centre. Communication between parents and teachers is vital in creating the best learning environment. We do this through email, our Emali App, and through face-to-face conversations with families. Children need to know that their choices are respected and considered. We do this while valuing each child as unique.

The centre

At Emali Early Learning Centre Findon, our classrooms display photos and creations that represent the children’s achievements. Our centre is Reggio-inspired, where the environment is referred to as “the third teacher”. It is open, free-flowing and promotes exploration. Children can pursue their own interests and build upon their ideas. Children are also involved in the decoration of the childcare centre. This helps them feel ownership of the space.

Our outdoor spaces provide opportunities to learn through play.  Children have access to open ended materials and natural resources that stimulate investigation. This  allows children to connect with nature.

Important to note

We offer many different activities at Emali Early Learning Centre Findon. These include YIPEE Yoga, Spanish, ViaDance and Dreamstart soccer.

We are well known and loved in our local community. We set out on regular visits to our local Woolworths, fruit and vegetable shop, and bottle recycling depot.

At our Findon Centre, we are committed to looking after the environment to ensure a sustainable future for our children. Children are involved in daily experiences which promote and support sustainability. We encourage each child to become environmentally responsible.

We would love to show you through our beautiful centre. Our Centre Director will take you through with a guided tour and provide you with all the information you need. Book a tour of Emali Findon today!

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Meet Our Director


Rachael has been a part of Emali for 8 years and a Director for 6 years. Rachael lives in the Findon community with her partner and their 2 children. Very passionate about sustainability, a lover of OP shopping and working on upcycling projects. You will see Rachael's passion shine through our Findon centre. Believing strongly in the learning opportunities being in the outdoors presents to children, most of her childhood memories are of playing in the sandpit or helping her dad in the garden. Rachael believes that all children need environments where they feel empowered to make choices, share their opinions and take risks.

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