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At Emali Early Learning Centre Broadview we invite families into our centre. We provide a calm, bright atmosphere for you and your children. We believe that children grow best in a nurturing environment, and this is reflected in our team.

Our team

Our team is made of many different personalities. Above all, however, our educators are warm and nurturing. These people make the Broadview centre the family it is. Emali recognise that our families are our childrens’ first, most influential teachers. As such, we involve our families and communicate with them often. We do this through emails, parent-teacher emails, and our Emali App.

At Emali Early Learning Centre Broadview we have over twenty educators, as well as our Centre Director and our chef! Every member of our team work to provide a safe, secure and supportive space for your child to learn and grow.

The centre

Emali Early Learning Centre Broadview offer five unique rooms for different age groups. We use the environment to provide a calm, natural space for our children. Our large centre allows us to give our children a wide range of spaces. We have our loud, communal spaces for sharing and play, and quiet spaces for reading and naps.

Important to note

At Emali Broadview, we believe in learning through play. Each of our rooms cater to the age and developmental level of our children. We put the child first in everything we do.
Our spaces are designed to foster exploration and imagination. We believe in developing children who are independent and confident. We teach our children real life skills. For example, our children love to assist our chef in preparing their meals. They lend a helping hand and start to learn how to cook themselves.

We offer yoga classes twice a week, as this engages the heart, mind, and body. it also helps children develop emotional intelligence, communication, trust, and empathy. As a result, the children become leaders and team leaders. These lessons also provide a calmer, more productive learning environment.

Our team believe in building strong relationships with our community. The children love to visit the local library! They also go to the nursing home on a regular basis, where they visit their elderly neighbours.

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