About Us

Emali Broadview is a place where we invite families to be a part of our own. From the moment you walk through those doors our centre provides a bright, nurturing and calm atmosphere filled with love and smiles that you see upon our teams faces.

Our team

We are a team filled with many personalities – fun, loving energetic, calm and most importantly we are all nurturing. These personalities are what make Broadview the family it is.
Emali recognises that families are children’s first and most influential teachers. Therefore, we strongly believe in involving our families and ensure we communicate with them frequently. We are able to do so through emails, our Emali App and parent-teacher interviews.

The centre

Here at Emali Broadview we offer 5 individual rooms that are each unique in providing age appropriate environments and experiences. We love helping the environment and often use the natural light throughout the day to provide a calming natural space for the children, these spaces also include quiet corners, nature corners and reading nooks.
Our team consists of a Centre Director, 22 educators and 1 chef who all share the same values and have a strong passion in ensuring that every day at Broadview your child is able to feel safe, secure and supported whilst learning and growing.

Important to note

At Emali, we believe in learning through play, the importance and the effect it has on each child and their development. Each room is catered to their age and development level and thrives on child lead routines.

Our centre outdoor spaces are designed to foster exploring, imagination, growth and most importantly, independence and confidence. The children love to assist our chef in preparing meals, lending a helping hand in cutting, grating and baking.

We also offer yoga lessons twice a week which we believe engages the heart, mind and body through its unique blend of physical yoga, social skills games and counselling techniques. It helps children develop emotional intelligence, communication skills, trust and empathy. It nurtures teamwork and leadership. It provides for a calmer and more productive learning environment.

Our team believe in building strong relationships within our community. The children love to visit our local library as well as their visits to our centre and are also excited to visit the nursing home on a regular basis where they engage in activities with the elderly.

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  • 611 Regency Road, Broadview SA, Australia

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Meet Our Director


Through her strong beliefs and passion, Adriana is able to lead a highly dedicated team of Educators. Adriana is loving and nurturing and believes that each child deserves to feel safe, secure, supported and nurtured everyday whilst learning and growing. She shares this passion with her team and together as a family, they are dedicated about your child’s early years at Emali Broadview.

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