Emali Child Care Salisbury

Our Salisbury Centre is located at 60 Winzor Street, Salisbury. Although it is our smallest centre it still packs a punch!

It has 3 age appropriate rooms which go up to Kindy, with plenty of playing area for each one. Each room has its own individual activities with high quality resources for all ages, including educational programs on the computer, and a Jolly Phonics learning program.

Spanish is taught twice a week at Salisbury and is a great way for children to explore a new culture and language. 

Salisbury has a full time cook who prepares fresh and nutritious food on site, catering for all needs and any special dietary requirements. She also provides the children with cooking classes.

Our Salisbury centre also offers Children's Yoga classes as part of the Yippee program tought by our lovely instructor Dani. You can find out more about this program at https://www.ahimsahealth.com.au/yipee

If you have any further questions please contact us or drop by to have a chat with our friendly staff.

Forest Room  Outdoor Play Area Dress-up Costumes
Safari Room   Front Recption  Outdoor Sandpit