This week in Music at Emali it is Romance week!

We are working this week on using sounds and lyricism to explore feelings of love and affection. Music is an excellent tool to express feelings of tenderness and affection and the songs we are listening to this week are abundant with easy to understand language. Romance music is often full of metaphors and rich in adjectives, two things which linguistically are excellent to introduce at a young age as they assist in self expression and understanding of abstract expression! We are also listening to some Spanish Guitar, as it is believed that romance music may have originated in Spain in the 18th century.

Songs of the week:

'Who You Love' - John Mayer, Katy Perry

'Make You Feel My Love' - Adele 

Words of the week:




How to take this music lesson home:

Play some romantic music, or some Spanish guitar! Use any of our key words of the week and play one of our songs of the week!