Staff Conference 2016

Saturday 25th of June commemorated our first Emali Staff Conference. It was a day packed with Education and Training, Gruelling Competitions and a lot of laughter.


We started our day with an icebreaker. Splitting everyone into teams, the challenge was to build a bridge from the playdough and skewers on their table. The bridge had to fit a fist under it, withstand an earthquake (or Katherine bumping the table) and be as tall as possible.

There were many fine competitors, but none could beat the height and stability of the pink team number 1 who won! Well done everyone.

Company Achievements

Eman updated us of Emali's amazing acheivemements from 2015. This included:

  • Opening of Emali Brighton
  • Launching the Emali App
  • Our biggest Family Christmas Party Yet
  • And the introduction of our Emali Casual Pool Team!

We celebrated our successes of 2016 so far, and we are still only half way through the year! Some of these included:

  • Opening of Emali Findon
  • Introduction of Quality Area Leaders and Educational Leaders
  • The introduction to our Emali Values

From here we had a short break for morning tea, then continue with our guest speakers.

Guest Speakers

We had guest speakers join us on the day to provide training to our educators. This included professionalism & team communication training, and educational workshops from Autism Spectrum Australia.

Freya Lucas – Professionalism & Team Communication

Freya gave an insightful talk into the significance of having our professional values within the company. Also, how our personal values and motivations match the Emali Company Values.


Kerry Ritzrow – Autism Spectrum Australia

Kerry touched on spectrum disorders and how this impacts children, families and early years’ care. She took us through Positive Behaviour Management tools and resources to ‘help avoid challenging or at risk behaviour’.

Sally-Ann and Helen – Autism Spectrum Australia

We then split into 2 groups for a training workshop.

Group 1 focused on children above 2 years and Kindy Children.

Group 2 focused on children under 2 years.

Each room learnt practical methods of positive behaviour management that can be applied at the centre. We also touched on assisting language development in young children within our under and over 2 groups.

MasterChef Competition

The highlight of the day was definitely the Cook’s MasterChef Competition!

Our Cooks were given their invitation and cryptic clue a couple of weeks before the conference.

Mystery Clue

Something sweet for your team to eat, the Emali brand should be evident in this treat

Each centre was given a budget of $50 and had to think of creative ways their Centre team could help make the most of this.

Mystery Ingredient

A week before the challenge, they were provided with their mystery ingredient –

Ice Cream Waffle Cones!


The prize was announced (and updated) at the conference as money for resources to be used at their Centre!

1st Place: $2000

2nd Place: $1000

3rd Place: $500

4th, 5th and 6th Place: $200

Nerves were flying alongside confidence as the Cooks started! With 2 hours on the clock, they had to be ready to serve afternoon tea at 3pm.

We couldn’t believe how amazing all the food looked when they were done. Rachael and Katherine were the Judges on the day.

Judging Criteria

Meeting the cryptic clues and using the mystery ingredients
Presentation and Creativity

After looking at all the judging criteria, the judges came to a decision... The centre that met all the criteria, and went beyond that, to show that staff at the centre donated ingredients to be used (team work!) the winner was Athol Park!!



Team Building Activities

The afternoon found us in bubble suits playing soccer!


A video of our first Emali Staff Conference will be coming out soon! Thank you to everyone who joined us to make this day amazing, we can't wait to start planning the next one!