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QA 5 - Relationships with Children

Here at Emali Early Learning Centres, we believe in providing our Children, Families and Staff with the highest quality service. From this we have established our National Quality Area Leaders. Each Emali Centre has a QA Leader for each of the areas. They meet on a regular basis with our Quality Coordinator, Katherine Coulter to learn, discuss and expand on their Quality Area and in turn, come up with ways in allowing Emali to follow through with Best-Practice at all our Centres.

This month our Quality Area 5 Leaders have been discussing the following topics:

  • Encouraging children to be respectful to one another, and teaching them how to build respectful relationships
  • Continuing to show respect to our families by taking the time to know our parents as well as our children, and encouraging parent input
  • Outlining the importance of a child-led approach for learning, and respecting the child’s needs and interests
  • Encouraging our QA Leaders to self-reflect, and to learn from themselves and their environment, as well as the children

One question we had during our discussion was:

  • What strategies do you use to nurture respect?

This question bought about the following answers that sparked further discussions and areas of interest in our meeting.

  • The importance of eye contact and open body language – non-verbal cues of respect
  • Using open-ended questions, to encourage and facilitate communication
  • Parent input
  • Child-led focus

As parents, we would like to know what approaches you use or would recommend to nurture respect.

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