Potted love for Grandma this Mothers Day!

Potted love for Grandma this Mothers Day!

 Wacky Ceramic Hair Pots

Need a simple kid’s craft to do? How about making a DIY chive planters? This project is a quick to make one, the seeds may take a while to germinate, which for little ones can be a little trying. But it only takes about 2 days for the chives to start growing nicely.

 What you need:

1. Pot with drainage holes

2. Porcelain markers to draw faces (check porcelain marker instructions for use)

3. Baby chive plant/seeds of your choosing

 If you’re super crafty, you might try this in a personalised mug!


Glueless Craft Stick Flower Pots


These craft stick flower pots are a no-mess craft and make an adorable Mother’s Day gift!

What you need:

  1. Coloured craft sticks
  2. Rubber bands
  3. Clean tin cans
  4. Ribbon
  5. Soil & Flowers


1. Take a rubber band and place it around the tin can, making sure it’s a snug fit.


2. Take a craft stick and place it underneath the rubber band. Continue doing this all the way around the can until it is filled.

3. To cover the rubber band, wrap a piece of ribbon around the can and cut it a few inches longer. Pull it tight around the can and tie in a bow or knot, trim off any extra ribbon.

4. Fill the can with some soil and plant a flower to finish up this craft stick flower pot project! Super easy, but the end result is just so cute!

If you don’t have drainage holes in the bottom of the can, make sure not to overwater the flowers, but you can poke some holes before starting the project.

These make a great handmade gift to give for Mother’s Day or even Teacher Appreciation. And if you wanted to use up your stash of plain craft sticks, you could have the kids paint or colour them with markers before turning them into an adorable, little flower pot!


Try these other nifty ideas using recycled tin cans, cups and saucers from your local thrift store, jars and even gutters to create a gutter garden…!