Music at Emali - Country Week 31/07

This week we are doing Country Music at Emali! 

Across all the age groups we are listening to two country music songs, Jolene – Dolly Parton and Crazier – Taylor Swift. Our Forest, Ocean and Safari classes have been discussing the main themes of country music as Love and Heartbreak. We are as usual exploring the rhythms, sounds, and colours the children can hear within the music through dance, discussion and group learning.

Key words of the week


How to take this lesson home

Play some country music! If you’re brave enough, launch into some honkey-tonk and if you’re looking for something a bit milder on the ears try some Lady Antebellum or old Taylor Swift! Use the key words of the week with your children and encourage them to tell you whether or not any music played is fast or slow, happy or sad! The main objective of music class is to expose them to music of all kinds, and to encourage a connection to the emotion, lyricism and rhythm within all the music!