Ahimsa Health

Yoga for Early Learning

Ahimsa Health presents (YIPEE), a program that helps children cultivate a focused mind that enables optimal learning in the coming years of education.

The physical aspect of the YIPEE (Yoga Intelligence Program for Early Education) enhances your child’s ability on many levels.

The brain, and all vital organs need rich supplies of oxygen. Without this the brain deteriorates. The yogic breathing techniques increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, supporting it to function optimally.

This directly results in improved concentration and memory.

Did you know that practicing yoga can increase your IQ?

The Intelligence we are born with is not a birthmark for life. Studies have found that yoga besides improving fitness, health, coordination, reaction time, and memory also positively influences IQ.

**Comparative study of three different Yoga modules on Logical Memory in school children conducted by Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation, Bangalore, India

Our Yoga Intelligence Program for Early Education (YIPEE) begins teaching children from the age of two the art of focusing using tried and tested body-awareness techniques.

When we are more focused, our efficiency levels increase and we have more energy for the task at hand.

People who regularly practice yoga demonstrate the ability to solve problems, acquire and recall information better because they are less distracted by their thoughts.

Body-mind intelligence teaches that through sincerity and perseverance things that at first seem impossible become effortless.

The techniques that teach your child to accomplish a calm mind while conjuring a challenging posture can be transferred to the challenges that they face in life.