At each Early Learning Centre we have a language that is taught once or twice a week.

Spanish at Salisbury, Hectorville and Broadview, Vietnamese at Athol Park and Auslan (Australian sign language) at Brighton.

These languages were specially picked to reflect the community they are in, especially the languages that are taught at the surrounding schools. In this respect children will be able to have that extra knowledge about the languages before starting school.

We also believe that it is vital for languages to be taught at a young age. Knowing more than one language has great benefits for the development of children. 

Learning additional languages can increase critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility in young children in the future. We also explore the cultures behind the languages, to expand children's understanding other cultures and societies.


At Brighton we offer Auslan (Australian sign language) lessons to our children as it is intended to help children to express their needs and wishes earlier than they could otherwise. Baby signing experts believe that frustration and tantrums can be avoided by closing the gap between desire to communicate and the ability to do so.

Infants from about six months of age can begin to learn the basic signs, which cover such objects and concepts as “thirsty,” “milk,” “water,” “hungry,” “sleepy,” “pacifier,” “more,” “hot,” “cold,” “play,” “bath,” and “teddy bear.”

The ability to sign basic words proves helpful in boosting communication and providing a “bridge to the spoken word.”