Emali Child Care Hectorville



Our Hectorville Centre is located at 38 Montacute Road, Hectorville. It has 4 age suitable rooms with age appropriate experiences, routines and adventures. Each room provides for individual children’s needs, developmental level and abilities. We follow the Early Years Learning Framework and are rated as meeting the National Quality Standards.

Our Cradle Room has its own separate shaded outside play space with a sandpit, soft-fall area, grass and bark chips. The other three rooms all share a large outdoor play space with shaded areas, large sandpit, cubby house, mud pit, bark chips and grass. There are bikes, balancing beams and other experiences available at all times outside.

Each room provides resources and learning experiences which are developmentally appropriate and extend on children’s interests, current knowledge and abilities.

Each child has their own Developmental Learning Journey Book that features photos, artwork, observations and other evidence of learning. Updates throughout the day are also sent through the Emali app to families.

Each room participates in yoga lessons twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday), music and Spanish lessons weekly.

We have several animals throughout the Centre including frogs, turtles, spiny leaf insects and a bearded dragon. We often have our therapy dog Libby visit our centre too.

Hectorville follows a rotating 6 week menu. Meals are prepared daily, onsite, by our chef Jayde. All meals are made to meet each child’s dietary requirements.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries about Hectorville.