Emali Child Care Hectorville



Our Hectorville Centre is located at 38 Montacute Road, Hectorville. It has 4 age suitable rooms where there are age appropriate activities, routines and adventures.

From our Cradle room, to the Forest, Ocean and Safari room, each is catered to its age and development level.

This Centre is equipped with an outdoor play area, which has a soft-fall surface for children to explore the outdoors in a natural environment. There are also animals outside, and plans of an eco-friendly veggie-patch.

There are plenty of learning resources for all ages, including educational programs on the computer, and a Phonics Fun learning program. We also have Communication books and Development folders for each child where parents can see their child's progress.

Chinese is taught every Monday and Friday at Hectorville and special events, such as Multicultural day are celebrated with family and friends.