Craft and Games - Easter Edition

5 Awesome Activities to get you ready for Easter

To get into the Easter spirit we have put together a list of 5 of our favourite games and crafts for you to enjoy this easter. We hope you have a safe and fun time!!

1. Easter Bunny Hop

What you need

  • Chalk or a rope
  • Plastic
  • Balloon or Ball


The Easter bunny hop game can be played solo or as a relay race for two teams or more.

Create a starting line and finish line with chalk or a rope in the grass.

Taking turns each player must cover a certain distance jumping with a plastic, stuffed or styrofoam egg between his or her knees.


The game can also be played by duck waddling. Kids squat down on the starting line and grab their right ankle with their right hand and left ankle with their left hand.

2. Easter Bonnet Hat

What you need

  • A Straw Hat
  • Ribbon
  • Fabric Glue
  • Fabric flowers (you could also use pompom chicks, plastic eggs etc.)


Cut a strip of ribbon long enough to go around the hat and glue it in place.

If your flowers are in a bunch, cut or ease them off the stems so that you have a collection of loose flowers.

Put a thick circle of glue around the brim of the hat, then press the flowers into place around the circle.

Leave until the glue is completely dry.

Now the Easter bonnet hat is ready to be worn!

3. Easter Egg Hunt Hop

What you need

  • String
  • Easter eggs
  • Basket


Tie pairs of children loosely together around two ankles (just like in a three legged race) and send them off to find their eggs as a couple. 

Give them small basket to collect eggs. 

Lay out a little trail of miniature eggs for each couple to collect.

They will need to develop some teamwork to be successful!

4. Cotton Wool Bunnies

What you need

  • Paper Plate
  • Paper (white and pink)
  • Cotton Wool
  • Things for Rabbit's Face (Pipe Cleaners, Googly Eyes, Pom Poms, Markers etc.)
  • Glue


Cut white and pink paper to make ears.

Glue the smaller pink paper on white.

Glue cotton wool onto a paper plate.

Glue ears on the back of plate.

Once it's dry, glue pom pom to make nose, Googly Eyes for eyes and pipe cleaners for whiskers and mouth!

5. Finger Print Bunnies and Chicks

What you need

  • Stamp Ink pads in desired colours
  • Paper
  • Marker or pen
  • Fingers and Thumbs
  • (You may also want to have some wipes handy!)


Press finger/thumb onto Ink Pad

Press finger/thumb onto paper

For Bunny:

Using simple lines and curves add Ears, Eyes, Nose, Whiskers, Paws and Tail!

For Chicks:

Add Eyes Beaks, Wings and Legs!

Happy Easter!